ORLEN ORLEN Group 2017
Integrated Report



The ORLEN Group pays particular attention to the protection of natural resources across all areas of its operations. This includes water resources, which we use as reasonably as possible.

Surface waters are the main water source for the Group. They are abstracted by the ORLEN Group's largest companies, namely ANWIL, IKS Solino, PKN ORLEN, ORLEN Południe, Paramo, ORLEN Lietuva, Unipetrol RPA, and Spolana, and then distributed through water mains to their own production facilities and to other companies' installations. The amount and quality of abstracted water is closely monitored.

In 2017, the ORLEN Group abstracted 88,397,975 m3 of surface water, groundwater and mains water.

The amount of water abstracted from the environment by the ORLEN Group companies depends on their production demand. In 2017, it was 87.6m m3. Nearly 806,000 m3 of water was taken from third-party water supply networks.

Water abstraction by ORLEN Group companies in 2016–2017 [m3]

Intake Water abstraction [m3]
  2017 2016 zmiana [%]
Surface water 84,269,186 79,219,467 6.37
Groundwater 3,322,847 2,559,705 29.81
Mains water 805,942 831,129 (3.03)
Total 88,397,975 82,610,301 7.01

Out of the 88m m3 of abstracted water, PKN ORLEN and its distribution facilities used 433,715 m3 of groundwater and 25,039,290 m3 of surface water.