ORLEN ORLEN Group 2017
Integrated Report



Business strategies are expected to address challenges posed by the rapid technological development and evolving stakeholder expectations. Responsible leadership and, consequently, sustainable growth of a business, is the way to mitigate risks, build trust in the brand and enhance its reputation. Responsible management across the ORLEN Group is driven by our awareness of the Company's impact on its immediate and more distant environment, and predictions of its effects and the brunt to be borne by future generations.

Social projects

For many of years, PKN ORLEN has been a patron of cultural events, participating in projects aimed at protecting national heritage, and specifically initiatives promoting the art of cinematography, theatre, music and literature. As a national group, PKN ORLEN supports the most important Polish institutions and cultural undertakings, for instance through its involvement with the National Museum in Warsaw and the Fryderyk Chopin Institute. We also sponsored the 22nd ORLEN Cinergia European Cinema Forum in Łódź and the 42nd Gdynia Film Festival, and continued the partnership with the Kamienica Theatre of Warsaw and the Museum of the Warsaw Province in Płock.

An important area of our social activities is education. As a leader in the petrochemical industry, we apply our extensive expertise to promote education and knowledge. This includes participation in scientific initiatives (congresses, conferences, competitions) designed to facilitate knowledge transfer, and initiation of measures aimed at encouraging children and teenagers to learn and acquire new skills. In particular, PKN ORLEN supports its corporate ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation in the implementation of the 'My Above Average Interests' scholarship programme addressed to the most talented youth from Płock and its region. In 2017, scholarships were granted to another 134 students. In the eight editions of the programme held to date, nearly 1,300 talented young people from Płock received this form of support. Other projects include ‘Masters of Chemistry’ and ‘For Eagles’, as well as a scholarship programme dedicated to children from family group homes.
As part of the ‘ORLEN for Płock. Education and Development’ programme, the ORLEN Discovery Camp science picnic was organised for the inhabitants of Płock, with a special focus on children and youth.

Since February 2017, fourth grade students from Primary School No. 23 in Płock have not needed to carry heavy coursebooks for Polish, mathematics, natural science and history. Instead, they were provided with tablets, partly financed by PKN ORLEN.

As part of the ‘ORLEN for Płock. Education and Development’ programme, the ORLEN Discovery Camp science picnic was organised for the residents of Płock, with a special focus on children and youth. In only one day, it was attended by more than 12,000 viewers.

In cooperation with the Płock branch of the Warsaw University of Technology, we organised internship and work placement programmes for the school’s students.

Another strategic dimension of our social efforts is projects aiming to improve safety on Polish roads. Our ‘ORLEN Safe Roads’ programme was launched back in 2006. Its another edition in 2017 included the ‘Make Yourself Seen’ campaign rolled out at all 24 Płock primary schools. Over 8,300 students received reflective bags that may be used as handy backpacks. The project seeks to encourage proper behaviour, translating into improved road safety.
PKN ORLEN continued its partnership with the mountain rescue organisation GOPR, and in 2017 initiated cooperation with the water rescue organisation Mazurskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (Mazury Voluntary Water Rescue Service). The fire service assistance programme was also continued.

An important objective of our social activities was also protection of the natural environment. A particularly noteworthy project in this area is the 'ORLEN for Eagles' programme, designed to protect the Polish eagle population, and a wildlife survey carried out on the premises and in the vicinity of the Płock production plant.

Under the ‘ORLEN for Eagles’ programme, PKN ORLEN works with the Polish Birds Association to help preserve Polish eagles, which are now rare and endangered species. The priority objective of the programme is to support the treatment of eagles in rehabilitation centres and their return to nature. Alongside these activities, PKN ORLEN teaches about eagles and builds awareness of the urgent need to protect them.

As a participant of ‘ORLEN for Eagles’, we have helped 19 white-tailed eagles and one lesser spotted eagle so far. Seven white-tailed eagles were released and returend to their natural environment. Additionally, in one of the rehabilitation centres that we cooperate with, some PKN ORLEN employees working as volunteers built an aviary where our winged patients were treated. Customers of ORLEN service stations who participate in the VITAY loyalty scheme also play a part in the project. They may donate the points they receive for buying at ORLEN stations to financially support rehabilitation and treatment of the threatened birds. The histories of the birds in the care of ‘ORLEN for Eagles’ shelters as well as photos, films and interesting facts about the “kings of the sky” can be followed on Facebook at www.facebook.com/orlendlaorlow.

PKN ORLEN participated in a number of projects related to national remembrance and tradition, including 'Guardian of Memory', which honours persons and institutions with outstanding contribution to preserving and restoring the memory of important events in Poland's history. PKN ORLEN sponsored a patriotic and historical picnic with the participation of Polish and American troops on the occasion of the US President's visit to Poland.

We are also active in promoting the Polish economy and popularising Poland on the international arena. PKN ORLEN was one of the sponsors of the '590 Congress', a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences between specialists in business, science, politics and legislation. In an effort to promote Polish companies and Polish products, we assisted in the implementation of such projects as: 'Poland's 200 Largest Companies', '100% Polish', ‘Business Gazelle' and 'Poland's Compass'. With a view to popularising Polish culture and arts, as well as to establishing positive relations with Chinese partners, PKN ORLEN sponsored the second edition of the 'Polish Circles of Art in China' festival.

PKN ORLEN is strongly committed to pursuing efforts designed to counteract social exclusion and promote equal opportunities, in particular in respect of employment of people with disabilities, children from disadvantaged families and people from the 55+ age group. One expression of our involvement in helping those in need is support for charitable social initiatives, as well as those promoting rehabilitation of people with motor or intellectual disabilities through sports. We continued partnership with the Integration Foundation, working to help the disabled, by sponsoring the 'Person without Obstacles' competition. PKN ORLEN also took part in the 23rd edition of the Płock ORLEN Polish Open, an international tennis tournament for disabled persons.

Community ORLEN

The Company actively collaborated with local communities, particularly in Płock and other places where it operates, including under dedicated partnership programmes such as 'ORLEN for Płock', seeking to improve the quality of life of Płock's inhabitants. The programme saw continued implementation of projects in cooperation with the Płock Municipal Office and NGOs, and the initiation of a few projects with social partners, including ‘Holidaying with ORLEN’ (holiday football, handball and theatre activities) - with more than 350 young participants. 'Safe Holidays with ORLEN', and free swimming lessons for the total of 80 children and 20 adults.

PKN ORLEN was the originator and sponsor of the ‘On a High’ (‘Jazda’) theatrical performances staged by the Płock Dramatic Theatre. The play is devoted to the problem of use of drugs and other psychoactive substances (designer drugs). Twenty-five performances were watched by 2,000 spectators from junior-high and high schools.

In March 2017, PKN ORLEN launched a project for the youngest residents of the city: a series of free theatrical performances for children under the ‘ORLEN for Płock – Childhood with a Smile’ programme. For ten months, children and their parents could watch performances by artists from all over Poland. Over 4,000 young viewers, aged four to nine, watched 20 performances.

Under the ‘ORLEN for Płock – Childhood with a Smile’ programme, the Company also organised ‘The Longest Children’s Day’ in Płock. In total, almost 6,300 tickets were distributed among the residents at a promotional price, including 3,600 cinema tickets and 2,688 theatre tickets. The project lasted five days, during which children accompanieed by adults saw the then newest films and theatrical performances.

The ORLEN Discovery Camp science picnic was organised in Płock for the first time. It featured ten thematic zones open to the picnic participants all day long. Apart from the three main zones, namely the technological zone, the explorers zone and the ecological zone, the guests could also visit the zone of the Płock Zoo, the zone of the PKN ORLEN Fire Brigade, the chillout zone, two zones dedicated to younger children, including the Eco Theatre, the drone flight zone, and the stage. Secrets of freezing fruit with liquid nitrogen, hand-made soap, crash course in wind farm construction and drones of various types are just a fraction of over 150 attractions prepared for the more than 12,000 people who joined that family event combining education with fun in an interesting way.

‘Addicted to Health – Smoke Free’ anti-smoking campaign
This social campaign supporting the decision to stop smoking was initiated by PKN ORLEN on the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the ‘No Tobacco Day’ by the World Health Organization. It aims to encourage as many smokers as possible to change their harmful habits for good and to take an interest in healthy lifestyles. The project was conducted in two stages – the first one was dedicated to PKN ORLEN employees, and the second was addressed to all residents of Płock.

A number of activities had been planned as part of the campaign. A dedicated website was created (www.wolniodtytoniu.pl) to provide information on the harmful effects of smoking and the quitting process. It features anonymous tests that can be used by smokers to check the degree of their addiction to nicotine and the level of their motivation to quit. Other elements of the project were a competition with attractive prizes and a meeting with experts. The aim of the meeting was not only to support smokers in the process of quitting, but also to provide specific suggestions on how to develop a personal quitting plan. Additionally, the campaign’s stand manned by a team including medical staff was displayed during major events organised by the Company in Płock.

The addressees of the intensive communication campaign were a few thousand employees of PKN ORLEN and the ORLEN Group, and approximately 100,000 residents of Płock, both smokers and people in their immediate environment. Some 300 people were contacted directly, including those who took part in the workshop meetings and competitions and visitors of the campaign stand.

In 2017, during a series of open-door meetings with the Płock inhabitants, representatives of the  Environmental Protection Office and third-party experts discussed environmental aspects of PKN ORLEN’s operations. We also invited representatives of the County of Płock’s local governments to a conference entitled ‘The Vistula – Our Common Asset’, which was held in quite special conditions, during a ship cruise from Płock, the historical capital city of the Mazovia region, to  Włocławek.

PKN ORLEN also continued partnerships as part of the ‘Grant Fund for Płock’ Foundation, which supports projects dedicated to the town's residents and related to sports, social assistance and culture. The Foundation is active in streetworking in Płock, helping children exposed to increased risk of social exclusion. A large portion of our charitable, sponsorship and CSR activities were focused on supporting rescue services, such as the police, fire service and the voluntary water rescue service, cultural institutions: the Płock Symphonic Orchestra, Museum of Mazovia, and the Dramatic Theatre, as well as education, through continued partnership with the Płock Branch of the Warsaw University of Technology. PKN ORLEN also sponsored the ORLEN Wisła Płock handballers and provided assistance to the Wisła Płock football team.


Charitable giving policy
PKN ORLEN boasts a long tradition of initiatives for the benefit of society. Charity is treated as an important contribution to sustainable development. Its essence is to help in a wise way, serving the common good. In line with the best practices of responsible business, the majority of social projects are planned for many years, with future generations in mind. Charity activities of the ORLEN Group form an important component of our social responsibility. Our Charitable Giving Policy announced in 2008 is a declaration of openness to people and the world around us, our compassion and the desire to help those in need. The ORLEN Group provides help directly and indirectly, through its corporate ORLEN GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation, the ‘ANWIL for Włocławek’ Foundation, and the Unipetrol Foundation. The companies’ and foundations’ initiatives and programmes reflect the priorities of our charitable giving policy.

Foundations of ORLEN Group companies
The ORLEN Group companies have established three foundations.

The ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation was created by PKN ORLEN in 2001. Since its inception, it has sought to promote foster care in the form of family group homes. The Foundation takes care of over 2,500 charges staying in approximately 350 family group homes and family-like childcare facilities all over Poland.

An important part of the Foundation’s activities is scholarship programmes. In 2017, it operated six such programmes. A project that enjoys strong popularity on a local scale is 'My Above-Average Interests' for students of colleges and high schools in Płock and its county. The 'Masters of Chemistry" scholarship programme is addressed to the most talented students with outstanding performance in hard sciences, in particular chemistry. The 'Life to the Full' programme supports Paralympic athletes, the best Polish athletes with disabilities, and medallists from the Paralympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro.

Protection of human life and health is one of the strategic areas of PKN ORLEN’s social responsibility. The ORLEN Group companies apply the highest operating standards in this respect, and at the same time actively promote them and and encourage their application by the Stakeholders. As part of these efforts,  assistance was provided to institutions having safety at the core of their mission – the police, volunteer water emergency services, and fire services. In 2017, in another edition of the programme to support state and volunteer fire-fighting forces, donations were offered to 169 fire-fighting units. The donated funds, totalling in excess of PLN 1m, were used to purchase additional equipment for the units, thereby improving their fire fighting ability and ensuring more effective help to those in need. The firefighters were supported by PKN ORLEN and other ORLEN Group companies: ANWIL, ORLEN Upstream and IKS SOLINO.

Another area of the Foundation's activity is safety issues, with assistance provided to institutions having safety at the core of their mission – fire services, the police, or volunteer water emergency services. In addition, the Foundation has for several years now been conducting the ‘No to Smoke’ social campaign, as part of which it educates the public on threats relating to smoke and carbon monoxide, especially during the home heating season.

The Foundation also carries out many activities aimed at promoting culture, science and national traditions, supports projects designed to protect health and promote healthy lifestyles, and education. Assistance in the form of financial and in-kind donations and fuel cards is provided to educational and cultural institutions, parishes and non-governmental organisations from all over Poland.

The Foundation's statutory activities include co-financing of projects that promote sports and physical fitness. Many of those are addressed to children and youth. Donations have helped the Foundation's beneficiaries to organise sports camps, participate in games and tournaments, and purchase sports equipment necessary for professional practice and sports activities.

The ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation implements its own projects and also provides support to charity initiatives undertaken by ORLEN Group companies. In 2017, 14 companies cooperated with the Foundation in charity activities: ORLEN Serwis, ORLEN Paliwa, ORLEN Eko, ORLEN Południe, ORLEN KolTrans, ORLEN Laboratorium, ANWIL, ORLEN Projekt, ORLEN CUK, ORLEN Centrum Serwisowe, ORLEN Upstream, Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli Solino, ORLEN Ochrona and ORLEN Oil.

While the range of their activity is very broad, particular attention is given to the problems of local communities. It is worth noting that ORLEN Group companies and the Foundation carry out several programmes jointly, thus reaching a lager group of beneficiaries with their support. These include a scholarship programme for ORLEN Group employees’ children, a hospice support programme, and a fire services assistance programme.

In 2014, ANWIL established the ‘ANWIL for Włocławek’ Foundation, which supports a wide range of projects serving the residents of Włocławek and the Brześć Kujawski, Fabianki, Lubanie and Włocławek municipalities. It helps implement projects in various areas, including education, healthcare, environmental protection, safety, sports, culture and arts.

The Foundation's main projects are a scholarship programme, grant competitions, the ‘I Learn with ANWIL’ educational contest and the ‘Streetworking in Włocławek’ scheme.

The scholarship programme, run since 2015, supports talented junior-high and high school students from Włocławek. In its two editions scholarships were granted to 70 young, talented and socially involved inhabitants of Włocławek. In the 2017/2018 school year, the programme is addressed to second and third graders of junior-high schools and high school students. It aims to help the students develop their abilities and talents.

The grant competitions organised by the ‘ANWIL for Włocławek’ Foundation are open to non-governmental organisations, higher education institutions, primary and secondary schools, and informal groups operating in the town of Włocławek and the Brześć Kujawski, Fabianki, Lubanie and Włocławek municipalites. The projects awarded in the competition must meet the Foundation's statutory objectives. Funding may be provided to projects in many different areas: education, healthcare, sports, environmental protection, promotion of culture and arts, as well as support for business circles and initiatives aimed at improving the economic growth.

The ‘I Learn with ANWIL’ grant competition aims to popularise hard sciences: chemistry, physics, computer science and mathematics among young people. Projects implemented under the programme should serve as an incentive to search for creative and attractive ways of learning sciences by children and youth. The aim of the competition is to create interesting, innovative methods and tools of education, to encourage teachers and people working with young people to reach for new methods of transferring knowledge in the fields of chemistry, physics, computer science and mathematics, get children and youth interested in these fields and involve them in an active way of communicating this knowledge by showing its practical day-to-day applications.

The ‘Streetworking in Włocławek’ scheme is a continuation of activities started in 2016 and addressed to children and youth from educationally deficient bacgrounds, who spend most of the time in the city streets or yards. Its main objective is direct work in this environment to show the children, through animation, preventive and educational activities, that the world is not limited to the street and yard. During regular meetings with street educators and the time spent on pastime activities that widely differ from their habits, children learn new positive behaviours and their own strengths, discover their abilities, start to have dreams and believe in themselves, which allows them to overcome limitations.

In 2016, the UNIPETROL Foundation began its activity. Its establishment is UNIPETROL's contribution to the future of the chemical industry, science, research and development in the Czech Republic. It is a way to enable a larger number of students to obtain appropriate education.

The Foundation’s objectives are to act for the public good and conduct charitable initiatives, and to contribute to the development of the Czech society and improvement of the quality of life by focusing on supporting secondary and higher education, popularising science and technology, improving the condition of the natural environment, as well as promoting science, research and development.

The Foundation focuses on creating equal opportunities, especially in regions with high unemployment, and supports people who may be prevented from receiving education because of difficult financial circumstances. The Foundation primarily concentrates on popularising science and technology. Its objectives are carried out through scholarships, paid university student internships and support programmes for secondary schools.

The pillars of the Foundation's activities are three programmes. The scholarship programme is addressed to university students from all over the Czech Republic and high school students from the Usti region who are not able to fully develop their talents due to financial difficulties. The qualification criteria include, in addition to above-average academic achievements, students’ current activities and their future development plans. The second pillar is grants for institutions of higher education; the funding offered under the programme is to support schools in acquiring technical equipment and implementing projects carried out by students during meetings of school clubs and seminars. The Foundation also provides assistance in obtaining paid internships for high school and university students.

Employee volunteering projects

The Employee Volunteering Programme was established at the ORLEN Group in 2004, and in 2015 was developed based on the initiatives suggested by employees. Thanks to the changes then implemented (three schemes and a number of participation options for all employees, regardless of their job and position in the Company), as well as the broad range of activities offered, the number of charity actions and employees involved in the Programme is growing by the year. Every year, dozens of campaigns are carried out, involving nearly 30% of the Group employees, with the number of beneficiaries of these campaigns reaching several dozen thousand. Other ORLEN Group companies are successively adopting the employee volunteering model developed at PKN ORLEN, successfully rolling it out at their organisations.

Partnership relations with NGOs

NGOs supported by PKN ORLEN are primarily foundations, associations and organisations whose objectives include preserving the heritage of the Polish nation and of the oil industry as well as documenting important events in Poland’s history. Another group are organisations that focus on the country’s future and economic development.

In 2004, the Museum of Oil and Gas Industry in Bóbrka Foundation was founded on the initiative of PKN ORLEN, PGNiG and Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów i Techników Przemysłu Naftowego i Gazowniczego (the Polish Association of Oil and Gas Industry Engineers and Technicians). Thanks to regular donations and technical support, the Museum is able to thrive, offering modern multimedia forms of touring and collecting new exhibits. It is a unique site, being the only museum in Poland located in a working oil extraction facility. One of its attractions is the still operating 19th century oil wells. The Foundation’s role is to support the national heritage, culture and protection of Poland's historical objects, including those connected with the oil and gas industry.

In 2016, PKN ORLEN became one of the sponsors of the Polish National Foundation, whose goal is to promote and protect Poland's economy and image. In 2017, PKN ORLEN provided assistance to the ‘Poland – the Great Project’ Foundation, which in particular promotes and popularises the most outstanding Polish economic, social, scientific, cultural, technical and technological achievements, as well as the Polish and European heritage. PKN ORLEN also actively supports the Polish Economic Security Foundation Think Tank oriented towards improving the competitiveness of the Polish economy.

PKN ORLEN has pioneered support for local communities within the framework of cross-sectoral cooperation, with a view to improving the quality of life in the areas where the Company operates. Its grant programme is addressed mainly to local NGOs that run innovative projects for local communities, but a few years ago it was also opened to individuals. This helps foster relations with NGOs, as well as local residents and authorities. The pursued projects aim to improve the quality and standard of life, promote equal opportunities, and establish partnerships. They support entrepreneurship based on own capabilities and competences. The cross-sectoral cooperation project relies on the know-how provided by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).

In Płock, the project is managed by the Grant Fund for Płock Foundation founded in 2005 by the Płock municipal authorities, PKN ORLEN and Basell Orlen Polyolefins. The Foundation’s mission, defined by its socially responsible founders, is to work for improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of Płock, and its purpose is to support the involvement, activities and grassroots initiatives of non-profit non-governmental organisations and Płock residents. The Foundation finances and settles grants transferred to Płock non-governmental organisations, and initiates its own projects targeted at social niches. The Foundation’s track record includes 11 editions of grant competitions and 5 editions of competitions related to the organisation of children's and youth's summer and winter holidays. For the last two years, the Foundation has also held a competition through which individuals and informal groups can obtain financing for their projects.

The ‘Good Neighbourhood Grant Fund for Ostrów Wielkopolski’ Association pursues its goals in a similar fashion. The Grant Fund, established in 2004 on the initiative of the Ostrów Wielkopolski Municipality, PKN ORLEN and the United Nations Development Programme, was transformed in 2006 into the ‘Good Neighbourhood Grant Fund’ Association by three local government units: the Ostrów Wielkopolski Municipality, the Town and Municipality of Odolanów and the Municipality of Ostrów Wielkopolski. Their main objective is to work together with local NGOs on initiatives in the areas of culture, art, national heritage, science, education, health protection, social welfare, social problems, sport and physical culture.

Participation in the public debate

In 2017, PKN ORLEN co-organised and actively participated in debates, including as part of the Economic Forum in Krynica and the '590 Congress' in Rzeszów.

Conclusions formulated during the above events, the most important expert opinions and summaries are presented on the ‘Future Fuelled by Knowledge’. The website publishes comprehensive analytical reports on crucial issues and challenges in the industry. One example is the ‘Economy 4.0 – Time of change for Business' report published in 2017.

An important element of the ‘Future Fuelled by Knowledge’ project is the blog of Mr Adam Czyżewski, PKN ORLEN’s Chief Economist. Using this channel, the Company's expert explains, in an easy to understand manner, complex macroeconomic processes and how they affect our daily lives, fuel prices, stability of the economy, and the growth of the energy sector.

To reach a broader audience with its communication concerning the Company and its activities, for the past four years the ORLEN Group has been also active on Twitter. The corporate profile allows the Company to comment on major economic and industry developments in real-time, as well as share information on day-to-day operations of the ORLEN Group.

Promoting sports and healhy living

As the most valuable Polish brand, for ten years now PKN ORLEN has suported sports which have a positive effect on Poles’ sports aspirations. Supporting athletes or promoting sports, we are present where their fans are. We support both professional athletes and the development of children and youth who may become part of our national teams in the future. Our key programmes and projects in this area are:

  • Sponsorship of the Polish Olympic and Paralympic Committee.
  • ORLEN Warsaw Marathon – National Running Day, the largest and 'fastest' running event in Poland.
  • VERVA Street Racing – largest motor sports event in this part of Europe: a total of over 500,000 participants and over 2,000 vehicles in eight editions.
  • Track and field sponsorship – PKN ORLEN is a patron of track and field sports; IAAF World Championships London 2017 medals.
  • ORLEN Team – sponsoring the best and most successful Polish cross-country rally team – Kuba Przygoński, who was second in the FIA 2017 World Cup and fifth in the 2018 Dakar Rally, and young motorcyclists Maciek Giemza and Adam Tomiczek – FIM 2017 junior World Champion and Vice Champion, respectively.
  • ORLEN Team Academy – a project supporting the youngest talented Polish motocross and go-karting drivers.
  • Volleyball sponsorship – one of the largest sponsorship projects in Polish sports.
  • Sponsorship of ORLEN Wisła Płock – continued partnership with the handball team which successfully competes in domestic games and internationally.
  • Sponsorship of Wisła Płock – continued partnership with the football team Wisła Płock.
  • Sponsorship of Płock ORLEN Polish Open – an international tennis tournament for wheelchair users held in Płock.
  • Sponsorship of ORLEN Handball Mini League, a handball tournament for the youngest players, attended every year by nearly 250 primary school pupils from Płock and the County of Płock,
  • Sponsorship of the Płock Two-Bridge Half Marathon, the largest running event in Płock; its route leads through two bridges in Płock,
  • Sponsorship of the Płock Rowing Association, one of the oldest sports club in Poland; over the many years of its existence, the Association members included 12 Olympians and a great number of members of the Polish national teams, including 30 for the World Rowing Championships, 38 for the World Rowing Under 23 Championships and as many as 140 for the   World Rowing Junior Championships, Sponsorship of a project for children: ORLEN Handball Mini League, a regular handball league attended by nearly 250 primary school pupils every year.
  • SPORT – BOX campaign at ORLEN service stations – a pilot project run at two service stations: in Warsaw and in Płock; as part of yet another initiative inviting service station customers to engage in promoting sports among children, the participants could donate redundant and unused sports equipment, which gained a new value with the SPORT BOX campaign.
  • ORLEN Olympics – a sports tournament for PKN ORLEN and ORLEN Group employees, held during the Chemist Days and open also to Płock inhabitants.

Marketing communications

Our marketing communications are designed to engage and are based on emotional aspects that build close relationships with customers in line with the ‘Human to Human’ concept. The strategic goal here is to use the storytelling approach to promote PKN ORLEN’s products and services, and in the longer term, to transform the Group’s brands into lovemarks.

The concept of a new communications model prepared in 2017 is based on the observation that what consumers value most nowadays is time and convenience. Understanding the customer’s rapidly changing requirements, PKN ORLEN transforms its service stations into modern multi-service centres, where people can get what they need on a 24x7 basis – not only refuel the car, but also meet with friends, have a meal, and do everyday shopping. The combination of a wide range of products and services with the largest service station chain in Poland means that ORLEN is a useful option in a variety of situations, any time, night and day, thus becoming an intuitive choice for handling everyday errands.

This approach is reflected in the new marketing platform ‘Headed for ORLEN’, being a coherent vision of communicating the Group's brands. The key tool for communication building is narrative marketing. The stories feature various heroes when they need something, seemingly having nothing to do with a service station. The needs range from the most prosaic to more sophisticated ones. All campaign heroes are heading for ORLEN stations, which are able to respond to even the most surprising customer expectations.

In July 2017, the Marketing Code was implemented, containing recommendations for marketing activities targeted at all stakeholder groups. The document is a set of rules and principles regarding promotion, advertising and sponsorship. It sets standards that should guide all employees in the promotion of products and services and in sponsorship activities. The Code is intended for internal use and is based on PKN ORLEN’s ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct’. It provides clear guidelines and defines the ethical attitudes for all employees.

As a socially responsible company, friendly to families with children, PKN ORLEN offers discounts to holders of the Large Family Card, a countrywide system of discounts for large families, with at least three children. PKN ORLEN, being the largest Polish company in the fuel and energy industry, egngages in activities with the social dimension. This is why it joined the Large Family Card programme, which offers discounts for purchases of goods and services as well as fast-track institutional service to families with many children. Consequently, since September 1st 2015, the 3+ families have been offered discounts at ORLEN service stations when purchasing fuel, Stop Cafe products or using car wash services.

Customer engagement

For a number of years, PKN ORLEN has made an effort to engage its customers in charity activities. Since 2006, they have been offered an opportunity to donate VITAY points to charities.

In 2017, VITAY loyalty programme participants donated over 23 million VITAY points for the benefit of family group homes. They were applied towards safety improvement, as well as financing lunches, rehabilitation activities, school supplies, holidays and scholarships.

VITAY participants also help animals and support environmental protection initiatives. Depending on the type, the rewards are transferred to the STORK Wildlife Society, Rehabilitation Centre for Protected Animal Species, 'SOKÓŁ' Society for Wild Animals, Gaia Club Environmental and Cultural Association and Polish Birds Association. In 2017, members of the VITAY pogramme donated over 2.4m points.

Social goals are also supported by users of the YANOSIK application participating in the VITAY project. As part of the campaign, motorists can collect VITAY points not only for purchases at ORLEN stations, but also for reporting a dangerous incident on the road using the application. The points are used towards the charity goal they select from those pursued by the ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation. To date, the Foundation has donated medical equipment to hospitals in Lublin and Ostrów Wielkopolski, marked pedestrian crossings near educational facilities in Płock, and provided bicycle helmets to 50 family group homes across Poland.