ORLEN ORLEN Group 2017
Integrated Report

Our Stakeholders


Stakeholders are groups of individuals and entities that are affected by the ORLEN Group through its business activities and that can also affect the organisation and methods of operation of the ORLEN Group.

The ORLEN Group’s relations with Stakeholders are built on responsibility, transparency and dialogue. To ensure the highest quality of relations with the stakeholders, the methods and frequency of communication are tailored to the characteristics and current expectations of each stakeholder group.

External and internal Stakeholders were involved in the process of selecting relevant non-financial aspects of the ORLEN Group activities to be communicated by PKN ORLEN. In December 2017, representatives of the ORLEN Group and its environment took part in a meeting organised according to the formula set out by the international AA1000SES standard on managing stakeholder relations. The consultations concerned priority directions for sustainable and responsible business, as well as formulating expectations as to disclosures on the Company's operations and their social and economic impact. According to the Stakeholders, material aspects of the Company's non-financial activities include: responsibility for the natural environment, impact on the local environment, security of industrial processes, and product liability. One of the outcomes of the meeting was development of a stakeholder map for the ORLEN Group.

ORLEN Group's stakeholder map