ORLEN ORLEN Group 2017
Integrated Report

Diversity and Equal Opportunities


Building of a value-driven organisational culture which takes into account diversity aspects is included in our HR and the CSR Strategies.

At PKN ORLEN, diversity-related matters are governed by the following corporate documents:

  • PKN ORLEN S.A. Work Rules.
  • PKN ORLEN S.A. Core Values and Standards of Conduct.
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement for PKN ORLEN S.A. Employees.
  • ORLEN Group Human Resources Management Policy for 2013−2017.
  • PKN ORLEN CSR Strategy(provisions on development and diversity).
  • Separate internal document governing the implementation of PKN ORLEN S.A.'s disability employment policy.
  • Separate internal document governing the implementation of PKN ORLEN S.A.'s employee assistance policy.
  • Separate internal document governing the 'Family-Friendly Employer' project.

The objectives of diversity management include:

  • Equal treatment and non-discrimination in the workplace.
  • Fostering respect for diversity.
  • Cultural difference management.
  • Employment opportunities for people facing social exclusion or labour market marginalisation.
  • Support for initiatives promoting equal treatment in the workplace.
  • Remuneration and bonus policy.
  • Employment and remuneration standards for inpatriates and expatriates.
  • Workplace accommodations for the disabled, breastfeeding employees, etc.
  • Employee assistance.
  • Work-life balance programmes.

Implementation of PKN ORLEN's diversity policy also takes the form of:

  • Organising diversity management trainings.
  • Employee volunteering programmes.
  • Efforts to embed diversity into HR processes and tools (recruitment, trainings, development, compensation) and organisational culture.
  • Workshops on cultural differences addressed to expatriates.
  • Employee engagement and job satisfaction surveys.
  • Appointment of a team to coordinate anti-harassment efforts (Workplace Harassment Committee appointed by the employer to handle complaints in the event of instances of workplace harassment at the Company).
  • Appointment of the Ethics Officer to whom breaches of the 'Core Values and Standards of Conduct'  (involving also discrimination and workplace harassment) may be reported.
  • Appointment of the Human Capital Committee to issue opinions on, approve/submit for approval by the PKN ORLEN Management Board, and monitor compliance with the 'Core Values and Standards of Conduct' , which includes in particular considering significant violations, taking remedial measures, issuing guidelines and resolving material ethical issues.

The Management Board and the Supervisory Board of PKN ORLEN include members qualified in law, economics and chemistry, with diverse work experience.

PKN ORLEN Management Board members by age as at December 31st 2017

PKN ORLEN Supervisory Board members by age as at December 31st 2017

Proportion of women and men among members of Management and Supervisory Boards of the ORLEN Group companies as at December 31st 2017

Management Boards of the ORLEN Group companies

Supervisory Boards of ORLEN Group companies

Workforce structure at the ORLEN Group, by job groups, as at December 31st 2017


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