ORLEN ORLEN Group 2017
Integrated Report

Core Values and Standards of Conduct


The 'Core Values and Standards of Conduct' offer guidance on relations inside and outside the Company. The document contains regulations applicable to our relations with trading partners, local communities and competitors.


By discovering and processing natural resources, we fuel the future


RESPONSIBILITY We respect our customers, shareholders, the natural environment and local communities


DEVELOPMENT We explore new development opportunities


PEOPLE Our assets are our competence, team spirit and integrity


ENERGY We work with passion


RELIABILITY We are a partner to rely on



The document ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct of PKN ORLEN’ is a comprehensive guide on ethical issues. It covers the Company's relations with internal Stakeholders and external business environment, including trading partners, local communities, the natural environment, and competitors. It promotes the fair treatment of all employees and customers regardless of their age, sex, job, denomination, nationality, convictions or beliefs. The document also contains provisions on anti-corruption proceduresas well as commitment to foster and comply with the rules of fair competition, transparency of business activities, mutual respect, and professionalism. ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct’, which have also been implemented at other Group companies, complement the Company’s business strategy by placing emphasis on building good relations within the organisation. In 2016, the Company also adopted the PKN ORLEN 'Supplier Code of Conduct'.

The direction of changes and implemented measures has been appreciated by both Polish and international experts. In 2014–2018, the American Ethisphere Institute awarded ‘The World’s Most Ethical Company’ title to PKN ORLEN as the only representative of the CEE region in this prestigious ranking. At the same time, PKN ORLEN, as the region's leader of business ethics, became a partner of the Polish 'Ethical Company' competition, whose goal is to create the Polish version of the most ethical companies list.

PKN ORLEN’s value-based corporate culture is constantly evolving in response to the needs of the ever-changing environment. Our ethics policy is effective and embodies our commitment to meeting challenges and expectations.